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What plan should I choose?

Inqonto provides 4 plans. If you're a freelancer or sole trader and you like to keep a full grip on your business choose the inqonto plus plan. Inqonto plus offers all relevant modules you need for online invoicing and accounting.

If you are satisfied with sending online invoices and do your time tracking, the inqonto basic plan will suit you. Inqonto basic provides the essential tools for online invoicing, time tracking and converting your time sheets to invoices.

Is your business growing or if you're working together with others on projects, choose the inqonto team plan. Team members can track their hours, expenses and mileage. You decide who gets access to what.

When you don't need accounting and send a handfull of invoices each year, we've provided the inqonto free plan. This plan will also suit you when you first want to see if online invoicing is something that makes you happy. Inqonto free is limited to 15 invoices a year.

How does the 30-day free trial work?

To explore how inqonto can help you manage your invoices and administration, simply sign-up and test at no cost for 30 days. We'll let you know when your trial is almost over so you can choose the inqonto Free, Basic, Plus or Team plan.



No credit card required

You can sign up without credit card. No risk.


Create my account

To create your account click the button below or choose the Sign-up button in the menu above. Select the plan you want, provide your e-mail address and accept our terms of service (provided on this website).

Your account is created automatically. You will receive a confirmation of your registration together with your log in details in your inbox. If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail of your registration please check your spam folder or trash can and accept inqonto as secure sender.

You need to activate your account by clicking the link in the confirmation e-mail or copying the link to your browser. Activing your account is necessary to be able to log in to your account.

The first time you log in to your account provide your company name and details and upload your company logo. If you don't have a logo we can hook you up with a logo designer to create a professional logo. Your company details will be displayed on all your invoices. You can change the details anytime.

Can I change or cancel at any time?

From within your account you can switch between plans. Your account is updated instantly. Your contract is pay as you go every month and you can cancel anytime: your account ends the next month. As long as you have an active account you can download your data at any time. There are no term-length commitments.

How do I pay?

We will let you know when your free trial period is ending. After the 30 day free trial you pay monthly subscription fees to continue your account.

You'll receive an invoice for the subscription fees at the start of every month. You pay on a month-by-month contract and you can cancel at any time.

If you choose the yearly plan we will bill you 10 months in stead of 12.



Get 12 months and pay 10

Choose to pay yearly subscription fees and you only pay for 10 months. Get 2 months discount!


inqonto - easy online invoing and accounting

What web browsers work with inqonto?

Inqonto works on all major browsers. Keep your browser updated and have javascript enabled. We like Google Chrome but using other browsers like Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer is just as good. Inqonto does not care if you use Windows or Apple. Inqonto is perfect for your iPad as well.



Referral program

Join our referral program, introduce inqonto to others and get discount on your subscription fees!




Give us your feedback

Tell us what you think about inqonto. We welcome your comments and suggestions to improve inqonto.


More questions before you sign up?

To learn more about inqonto’s technical functionality, please review the other pages on this website: You will find information on all features in menu item Tour. Information on plans and prices you will find in menu item Plans. Still can't find the information your looking for? Send us an e-mail with your question through the contact link below.