About inqonto

Running your business means you need to manage your business finances, or find somebody else to do it for you. Getting a professional to do it for you means higher cost and less control. Even than you´ll need to find the right guy. Taking care of your business finances yourself can be a pain if you don’t have the right tools. Choosing the right tool is hard.

Choosing the right tool

Accounting software can be very extensive: you first need to become a bookkeeper to gain control. You end up having two jobs. The time spent on your bookkeeping job is not invoiceable.

Accounting software can have a great design but be limited in its functionality. You might be able to design your invoices in 100 different ways but miss what is really needed for your business finances.

That is why we offer you inqonto.

Inqonto is designed by financial and internet experts. We think it stands out in suiting your needs best: functional designed professional invoicing and all the relevant tools for your business including timesheet, mileagetracking and depreciation on assets. And we offer it for a reasonable price.


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